Thanks Pinterest: Old Memories become New Memories

Update:  This post should really have been called Thnx @DearPhotograph – apparently the idea was started by a student in Kitchener, which is just 30 min away from the farm.  The website is amazing, check it out!!



Update:  This post should really have been called Thnx @DearPhotograph – apparently the idea was started by a student in Kitchener, which is just 30 min away from the farm.  The website is amazing, check it out!!


  • Closure – This fall we sold our 125+ year old family farm.  It was very difficult to say goodbye because of all the great memories of time spent there with my grandparents and because it was my grandparents pride and joy.  My grandpa was even born on the farm.  Taking these pictures helped give me closure, made me feel like I was including my grandparents in the goodbye and gave me memories (and photos) that I will cherish forever.
  • Memories – Every summer my grandma let me get ‘pet ducks’ when I would visit the farm.  I remember spending many hours playing with those ducks in their swimming pool, both with my Dad and my Grandpa. My grandma used to have giant gardens filled with flowers and vegetables, over the years the gardens got smaller and smaller – the photo above is how I remember Grandma & her gardens.
  • Trees – in all of the photos, the objects that showed the most change over time were the trees.  In the first photo, do you see the tiny Chesnutt trees that were likely just planted in the old photo?  Now those trees are 125+ years old, you can see the tops of them in the new photo.


  • Align – I found that by aligning two edges the whole photo aligned/matched as best as possible.  Ideally those two edges should be the ones with objects that have straight lines (i.e. walls, roads, flag poles, trees)
  • History – looking at old photos often results in a history lesson.  I took down a framed photo that had been on the wall forever to use for these pictures.  When I took it out of the frame I found that my grandma had written details on the back (she was always so organized).  It turns out the picture was taken in 1894 but also provided historical information about the farm.  So I guess the real lesson is – write (or digitally embed) as much information about a pictures, someday someone will think it’s history!



  • Thnx Mom for babysitting while I took these photos
  • Thnx Grandma & Grandpa for all of the amazing memories at the farm and for keeping it in such great condition.  I miss you everyday.
  • Thnx for your photo inspiration
  • Thnx Pinterest for the amazing ideas.  If you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet let me know and I can send you an invite!
  • Update: Thnx @dearphotograph for your amazing website

3 thoughts on “Thanks Pinterest: Old Memories become New Memories

  1. Dear dear Morgan…..I appreciate you sharing such a beautiful, personal expression of love……What a wonderful tribute to your grandparents……totally LOVE you…..or as Shawn would say in the language of computer exchanges….

    Luv U…..sending positive energy
    …….always……Aunt Joanie….xxox. PEACE…..wonder if you will get this….don’t have a clue what I’m doing……wish yu were here to teach me…..luv

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