Thanks Pinterest: Hug in an Envelope

Sending a hug in the mail was the inspiration behind the second Just Because I Love You (JBILU) post.  Our family is on the other side of the continent so when I saw this card on Pinterest I thought it would be perfect for the grandparents.




  • It’s a Hug! To make this “hug” as realistic as possible I made the paper that connects the two hand prints the same width as C’s arms.  I used wrapping paper because it was the only thing long enough (28”).


  • Tradition?  Thanks to Pinterest I’m a bit obsessed with things that can be done annually (check out my Tradition, Tradition board).  I will try to make this a Valentines day tradition for the grandparents!
  • Lined Envelope: Easy & Pretty.  Just print a photo and cut to to the size & shape of your envelope it is pretty and almost makes it look like you made the envelope. Check out the detailed tutorial on Paiges of Style


  • Make a template.  It isn’t always easy to handprint so once I was finally able to wrangle C’s hand flat for long enough to trace it I then made a template with cardboard that I then traced to make all of the other hand cut-outs.
  • Cut multiple handprints at one time.  Fold the paper multiple times and cut a bunch of handprints at once – this will make sure the hands are the same size and will save you time.
  •  Lined Envelope: #FAIL.  After sealing the first envelope that I lined, I realized that when the envelope was opened it would cut the picture in half – 00ps!  To make it work here are two options:
    • Don’t fully seal the envelope, but instead use a sticker to gently seal the end of the flap
    • Use a picture that won’t be ruined when it is opened – ideally something with lots of white space

DSC_5655 - CopyDSC_5657



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