Thnx Pinterest: Easter Cutie

There are so many great photo inspirations on Pinterest, a recent pin inspired me to share my favorite Easter pictures from last year.  I also included a bit of information about the bunny hat I crocheted.




  • Cotton Tail cuteness! A little white wool and a pair of scissors is all you need to tie the whole bunny outfit together.
  • Freezing a Moment in time.  I don’t consider myself a photographer so won’t even attempt to give photography advice.  However, I think what I’ve learned in the past 14 months is to take lots and lots of pictures, even if they aren’t perfect they will always bring back memories, and sometimes you might even get lucky!  <Seriously, could he get cuter???>



  • Crocheting is easier & faster than knitting.  A few U Tube videos and/or some 1:1 help from a crocheting friend is all you need to get started!  Crocheting is very quick (I made this hat in just two days)
  • Know when to stop.  Grumpy baby pics are adorable, but they also indicate the time to stop.




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