Thnx Pinterest & U: January Voting

Update: Check out the completed Thnx Pinterest & U January Project here

One of my 2012 goals is to make at least 50 blog posts, to achieve this I’m hoping you (my readers) will help.  Every month I will post 2 Pinterest inspired projects and ask you to vote.  The voting will be open for two days, you can vote on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest or right here.   Use whichever method is easiest for you, or if you are really passionate about a project, vote using multiple methods.  Once the votes are counted I will get working on the project and blog about it before the month is over.

The project options for January come from my Pinterest Craft board.

Option #1: Inspirational Poster

Inspirational Poster no words

Option #2: Growth Chart

growth charts no words


Ways to Vote:

  • Comment below –  post either Inspirational Poster or Growth Chart in the comments below
  • Pinterest –  like one of the two photos on the Thnx Pinterest & You board (if you still don’t have a Pinterest account e-mail me and I can send you an invite – if you apply for a login you’ll be put on a wait list which may take a while)
  • Twitter – tweet @thnxpinterest in January you should make #InspirationalPoster or #GrowthChart
  • Facebook – I will post FB voting instructions on my FB wall

Voting will close at 5pm PST on Monday January 9th.




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