Thanks Pinterest: Toddler Art

Turtle - Toddler ArtElephant - Toddler ArtWhale - Toddler Art



  • No mess finger paintingCrayola Color Wonder Finger Paint is amazing!  The paint goes on clear and then turns color (like magic) when it hits the special Color Wonder paper.
  • Art that doesn’t look like a 1 year olds finger painting – don’t get me wrong, I love anything my little artist creates but it is nice to have something on the walls that can be there for years to come without looking like everyday finger painting.


  • Bing animal silhouette – there are tones of silhouettes available for free online.  I picked a few that I liked and printed them on my home printer, cut them out, traced on the back of the finger painting (with pencil) and then cut. I also did one of the animals without a template – can you guess which one?
  • Stationary as background – I wanted to use something other than the plain white printer paper as the background but also didn’t want to go out to buy special paper.  Solution: plane white linen stationary, I cut a card in half, it is heavy and looks better than plain paper.
  • Name and date on the back – one of the classic things to do with kids art work is to write their name and age on their work (typically with a big black marker).  For this project I wrote my son’s name and age on the back of the frame so that I will remember what a great artist he was at 1!
  • Simple version – I love cut and paste so I enjoyed this project and found it pretty simple to complete.  However an even simpler solution (and great gift) is to cut a large piece of artwork into smaller pieces (4×6 or 5×7) and put in a nice frame.  The art looks entirely different and is easier to display compared to a large piece of art.   Here is an example – this is my son’s first finger painting, his grandparents also have parts of the painting.

First Finger Painting


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5 thoughts on “Thanks Pinterest: Toddler Art

      • I did a combo of dipping his fingers in the little paint pots and putting it on the paper and letting him smear it around. He seemed to enjoy smearing it with the purple sponge from the middle of the paint thing and grabing the paper (which resulted in nice texture). Hope that helps!

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