Thnx Pinterest & U: February Voting

Update:  Check out the completed Thnx Pinterest & U February Project

It’s time to vote for the February Thnx Pinterest & U project!  In case you missed it in January I will be doing a monthly project that is determined by you, the readers.

We’ve been living in our house for 4 months and there are still no pictures on the wall, so this month’s project will help add some spice to our house!

The choices are between two Pinterest boards Frame It, Hang It and Canvas Crafts.  I’ll use inspiration from one of the boards to complete and blog about a project in February.

Click on the pictures below to check out the boards on Pinterest (you can see them even if you don’t have a Pinterest account) and then vote as many times as you want!

Frame It, Hang It

Canvas Crafts

Ways to Vote:

  • Comment below – post either Frame It, Hang It or Canvas Crafts in the comments below (you can also include which pins you really liked)
  • Pinterest – like one of the two photos on the Thnx Pinterest & You board (if you still don’t have a Pinterest account e-mail me and I can send you an invite – if you apply for a login you’ll be put on a wait list which may take a while)
  • Twitter – tweet @thnxpinterest in February you should  #FrameItHangIt or #CanvasCrafts
  • Facebook
  • New!  Vote using the poll below

Voting will close at 5pm PST on Friday February 10th.


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