Thnx Pinterest & U: Adorable Hat

Thanks to everyone who voted for the March Thnx Pinterest & U project – the Adorable Hat was this month’s winner. The hat turned out pretty well, but unfortunately C doesn’t like to wear it which made it difficult to top the cuteness factor from last year’s  Bunny Hat.



There are countless adorable hats on Pinterest and I’ve pinned some great ones on my Craft Board which is where I found the great FREE pattern for this hat.


  • Square shape.  Of all the owl hats I’ve seen my favorites are the ones  with the square shape.  I assumed that this would be harder to make than a round  hat – but it was simpler!   You just  make a tube the size you need and then stitch it closed.
  •  Free Pattern!  I can’t thank Kat at Slugs on the Refrigerator enough for the amazing free pattern.  She has some other really amazing patterns (both free & for a charge) that I’m looking forward to trying.
  • I remembered how to crochet.  You may remember that I taught myself how to crochet last year, however that was the only time I ever crocheted.  This time it was easier than I remembered previously, I’ve already made a couple of other things and hope to continue crocheting more adorable hats.


  • Larger crochet hook = fewer stitches needed.  I used a larger crochet hook (size 7 rather than recommended 5) and followed the numbers for a 6 – 12 month hat.  I should have followed the size for the newborn hat instead since this one is large enough to fit me!
  • Eyes are the hardest part!  I thought the eyes would be easy, they are just a circle – I was wrong.  Two factors made the eyes difficult:
    • Making two identical eyes.  It is REALLY important to count your stitches when making the eyes so that you can do EXACTLY the same thing on both eyes. Not drinking wine between making eyes is also recommended.
    • Eye placement.  I sewed the eyes on and ripped them off at least 3 times.  I think I finally got it right the last time – here is my recommendation:
      • Eyes should be touching each other – to make this easier I sewed the eyes together in the middle and then attached them to the hat.
      • Eyes should be placed at the very top of the beak

Attempt #1: Eyes too high & too wide. C somewhat ok with wearing the hat for photos


Attempt #2: Eyes lower, but still too wide. C not impressed with hat & photosDSC_5839


Attempt #3: Eye placement good! C refuses to model luckily I have a back-up model in the house……



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