Step-By-Step: Preparing Kale

I’ve had a lot of people tell me about their Kale experiences after my Deelish Kale Salad post.  So I’m straying slightly from my typical Thnx Pinterest post to do a step-by-step on preparing Kale.

1. Use your kale within a couple of days of buying it.  I’ve heard friends complain that their kale was bitter or wilted, to prevent this prepare it shortly after purchase.


2. Cut the stems out of each piece (yes this can be time consuming but is VERY important).  The stems are very bitter and the texture isn’t great if you are eating it raw (i.e. Deelish Kale Salad)


3. Pile the kale flat.  The more pieces you are able to pile together the more time you will save.  TRUST ME I didn’t do this for months and it was painfully slow – this step will save you time.   


4. Slice it into thin slices. Cut at a 90º angle from where the stem was into strips.  For my Deelish Kale Salad I cut the pieces about 1/4 – 1/2” thick.  If you are making something like Kale Chips you could make the pieces larger.


5. Put the kale in a salad spinner (or large bowl), cover with cold water & let sit for up to an hour to let all of the dirt fall to the bottom. I learned this trick from Rachel Ray and it is great for lettuce as well.


6. Take the kale out of the water.  This is where the salad spinner is a benefit because you can just lift it out (leaving all of the dirt at the bottom).  If you use a bowl I would recommend lifting it out into a salad spinner or colander – DON’T poor it or the dirt will re-cover the kale.

7. Dry the kale.  I spin the kale dry in my salad spinner and typically leave it in the fridge overnight or all day to get it nice and dry.


8. Eat!  My favorite recipe is Deelish Kale Salad

Deelish Kale Salad

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