Thnx Pinterest & U: Command Center

The past month has been very busy and  I haven’t been good about blogging – I have however been doing lots of Pinterest inspired projects so I have lots of material to share over the next few weeks.

Now for the much delayed April Thnx Pinterest & U project – Organize It was a clear winner!   Luckily, I have a need for a LOT of organizing projects so this was a good forcing function to get started on some projects and finish some others.  For this post I will share my Command Center, but plan to post in the near future about my Home Binder, Filing System, Emergency Binder and Office.


The organizational ideas on Pinterest are endless.  It was hard to decide which of the many organizational projects I was going to do for this challenge – but this post on command center from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking ended up being my PINspiration.


  • Chalkboard Contact Paper is AMAZING!  Since learning about a couple of months ago (Thnx Pinterest!), I have used it for so many projects around the house  – it’s the best $8.41 I’ve spent in a long time.  Can you spot all of the places where I used the contact paper? DSC_6119DSC_6115
  • Better than chalk – Crayola Dry Erase Bright CrayonsI originally used chalk to write labels, but it was constantly smudging.  Solution: Crayola Dry Erase Bright Crayons, these are basically the crayon equivalent to chalk, it wipes off with a special mitt and is a lot more durable than chalk.
  • Truly is the Command Center.  I’m really happy I started with this project because I use it multiple times a day and it really is the center of our home.


  • Sorting Mail is really important.  This post from A Bowl Full of Lemons about sorting mail made me realize that I need to find a great mail system that works for our family.   I’m still working on the right solution (I’ll share when I find an awesome one), the chalkboard/erasable crayons makes it easy to test out different methods.

  • Keep re-usable shopping bags in the car.  You might notice in my before picture that 1/4 of my cupboard was being take up by bags (reusable, paper, plastic, big & small).  Now I always keep the reusable ones in the car which means I’m more likely to use them thus reducing the plastic & paper ones (and saving the planet).
  • Store plastic bags in old Kleenex box.  It is amazing how many plastic grocery (ok Target) bags in a Kleenex box.  This keeps them all in one spot and if you have more than will fit in a Kleenex box then you are clearly not following with rule above (Keep re-usable shopping bags in the car)
  • Everything needs it’s place.  I can’t wait until everything in my house has it’s own place!


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One thought on “Thnx Pinterest & U: Command Center

  1. These are all great ideas. I definately need to get some kind of command centre working in my house (and I don’t even have kids – I’m just hopelessly disorganised at home!). Thanks for joining in on the networking blog hop – I love discovering new blogs! xx

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