Thnx Pinterest & Nana: Water Painting

My mom, aka Nana, came for a visit last week.  Needless to say C had changed significantly since she saw him last in October.  We did all sorts of fun activities like visiting a farm, going to the park, playing in the dirt and a special activity that Nana found on Pinterest, here is her guest post.

Hi, I’m C’s Nana – Since it’s been more than a few years since I entertained a busy toddler, when I came to visit last week, Pinterest was the perfect place to look for fun new (old) ideas to do with C.



Idea & Photo Courtesy of The Outlaw Mom


  • Water painting is perfect for indoors – put the easel or just paper on a tiled floor and let the painter go to town!
  • Easy cleanup for grandmas…. and mums
  • Watching C try the roller, brush and sponge on the paper.  I think the sponge was his favourite – both for painting and checking out the texture on his tongue



(The water container ended up being one of the best attractions!)


  • This is the perfect and safe way to introduce a toddler to painting – they can play in, and with, the “paint”
  • It’s still too soon for real paint!


  • Have a good supply of paper towel or beach towels ready to “blot” up the paint… and the artist
  • Have a change of clothing ready for the artist…. and maybe Nana depending on the artist’s enthusiasm, he might try to paint things other than the paper!
  • Perfect for doing outside on a hot summer day
  • MOST OF ALL…. I need to make the 2000 k trip and visit MORE OFTEN!


  • Thnx Chrissy @TheOutlawMom for your post that PINspired this fun activity
  • Thanks Pinterest for all the inspiring ideas. Not on Pinterest? Send me an e-mail thnxpinterest at hotmail dot com and I’ll send you an invite (if you sign up for an invite on the site it will take a while).
  • And of course, Thank you so much Mum for the great trip filled with lots of amazing memories!


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