Quickie: No More Moldy Berries

Has this ever happened to you – after buying beautiful fresh berries at the store, you bring them home and put them in the fridge but when you want to eat them you discover furry stuff growing all over them?

Thanks to Pinterest, this hasn’t happened to me in months!  I’ve started using this little, simple and easy trick to keep your berries fresh (and mold free) for longer!


This pin came via my board  Random on Pinterest

Tip & Image from Food Lush

Hints & Tips

  • Do the following as soon as you come home from the store with your berries:
    • Put the berries in a solution of 1 part vinegar (I use white or red wine vinegar) to 10 parts water
    • Drain (I use a strainer)
    • Keep in the fridge and enjoy!

  • Did you know that Strawberries rank as #3 for fruits & vegetables with the most pesticides used?  Check out the complete list here to help guide your decision for when to select organic!


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